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I've been punished for my honesty
And honestly I'm accustomed to it
The fire has been doused by rain
And it cannot be re-lit

I'll inhale the smoke that rises up
Breathing deeper than ever before
But you can't get high off the past
Feet sticking firmly to the floor

Sitting outside in the dark
The beginning came at the end
The wind blowing through was cold
And I had failed to pretend

Slowly the days fade away
But I am much stronger than you
Quickly the days go by
And I've lost my sense of truth

I wanted you to hold me
Like you would hold a pen
As you crafted art
Before starting over again

I wanted you to love me
Like you would love your soul
As the days pass by
Your perception still not full

I am letting my hair grow longer
Soon I'll be unable to see
Some would find this inconvenient
But it is far from that for me

I wake up almost every morning
But I'll go right back to sleep
It's harder to keep my chin up
With the mindset that I keep

I miss the feeling of falling
It has been far too long since I
Have had the chance to jump off of
A great height just to fly

Sitting inside a circle
With candles placed all around
I will keep strumming my guitar
Until I find the perfect sound

I wanted you to hold me
Like you would hold your breath
As you sunk further down
Into a sea of unknown depth

I wanted you to love me
Like you would love your heart
As you put it back together
Mending every broken part

Just thirty steps from the fire pit
Are stones that I've spent nights on
Trying to clear my head of poison
Just trying to right my wrongs

In the end you must admit
You will live with what you've done
It doesn't matter if you try to hide it
It won't help if you run

I will carry you for miles
If your legs give out on you
I'll do my best to lift your spirits
If your heart is broken in two

It doesn't have to make sense to me
If it just makes sense to you
Do you spend your time overthinking
While the sky turns black to blue

I wanted you to hold me
Like you could never hold it together
As the times fell victim
To the relentless stormy weather

I wanted you to love me
Like you could never love yourself
As you gave up fighting
Your declining mental health

I asked you if you knew me
And you replied: "more or less"
I asked how long you'd listen
But you refused to even guess

Now I only hear your voice
In the white noise I can't explain
As the sound rings in my ears
I hear you calling out my name

Will you ever feel so exhausted
That you stop running from your past
How far do you think you'll make it
Before you give in at last

Have you found what you had needed
Do you still search for peace of mind
Or can you hide it easily
Never showing anyone a sign


from Alone, released May 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Pyrite Birdcage Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pyrite Birdcage is a solo project headed by Michael Grunebach. The current focus of the project is engaging lyrics coupled with acoustic instrumentation.

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