Tiger Eyes

from by Pyrite Birdcage

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Most couples would be brought together
But they were caught in the bad weather
Despite creating a beautiful child
The tension had finally drove them wild
So now they split and moved away
A love lost before the first birthday
As she grows she will not know the feeling
Of a happy family beneath one ceiling
Some would argue she was robbed of peace
Running from her house to find release
A young girl left stranded on her own
Holding more potential than they know
Always moving from place to place
She never lived at a calm pace
In many houses of brick and stone
She still searched for a place called home

Things with mom started to go wrong
Returning to normal took too long
Saying things she didn't mean
Talking to the movie screen
Ran outside into the street
Only screeching tires there to meet
Then they took mother away
Begging grandpa please let her stay
It is for the best he said
She has got a troubled head
Staying up praying to the sky
Tears leaked from her tiger eyes
Father heard and said awful things
Unaware of the pain he brings
A little girl lost in the world
Forced at a young age to be old

She fell in love with a gentleman
And as the hourglass leaked it's sand
Still naive enough to pretend
They could survive together til the end
At first she saw beauty in his eyes
The arctic sea in a thin disguise
He knew that she had shown him love
Left him floating so very high above
But then the magic faded away
The fights started happening everyday
The constant raging pain left them
Hurting themselves just to feel again
So when another girl offered her heart
He left what he wanted from the start
She was left in torment and tears
Experience in pain far past her years

This young woman searches for herself
Won't allow any others to help
She has learned to count on one
The others may as well be none
Pushing forward chasing her dreams
She knows life isn't what it seems
Burdened with a transient existence
She will fight for her commitments
All her hardships trained her well
Ignoring the lies that they try to sell
Compassion for every living being
Clings to her goals without ever fleeing
Wants a greater experience for us all
She never kept her aspirations small
No matter how dark she will find the light
Continuing on the age-old fight


from Alone, released May 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Pyrite Birdcage Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pyrite Birdcage is a solo project headed by Michael Grunebach. The current focus of the project is engaging lyrics coupled with acoustic instrumentation.

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